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Star Witchcraft
Find help you need in the world of witchcraft.. We have been around for thousands of years,even before christianity.Being a witch is a gift,but even to one's that dont belive that this world holds many more marvels than anyone could possibly imagine, all

Group Founder: sadwitch
Description: Come find out for yourself x
Group Type: Public join
Members: 229
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Occult

Topics (26)

go HELP ME UNDERSTAND (3) shadow6s
My grandma gave me a book with spells in it. She said they were of a magic so old that the practice was lost and the name forgotten. She called it shadow magic tho...I got to reading it and it said:::...

go would like to be a wizard (11) wizardry
I really want to be a wizard but don't know how to be a wizard what would I have to do to be a wizard please tell I am not joking ok send me a email and tell me ok email at

go spell to make your ex leave yo (1) attain
is there a spell that will help stop your ex from lieing about you and making you seem like the bad guy when its really them thats in the wrong?

go witch (0) lanre87
What's witchcraft

go Need help finding a spell (0) attain
I need a spell to make my husbands ex leave us and our son alone. however it is not as easy as getting a restraining order. She is the birth mother of my son. But she does not care about him all she c...

go Paganism (1) lycastus
Merry meet, thought id start a topic where us people of the craft can chat and exchange spells. My name is stormsage lycastus and im happy 2 meet u guys. Blessed be

go Need advice in making a magic wand (7) macroth
Hi, i'm a new solitary wiccan, and i've just started making my 1st wand. Basically what i've got so far is a proper-sized piece of wood (from my favourite tree, a horse chestnut) that i've sanded smoo...

go Does any one stil come here? (4) xexmx

go wicca coarses (20) emoles
i am offering free wicca coarses for all who wish to learn. they will be sent to you via email. just email me at and i will get to you asap

go Wicca (0) galvamp
I probably should not admit this but was 1st drawn to the Craft watching Charmed. I realise this is just a fictional tv show but some things will be based on fact like the power of 3! Been reading up ...

go do you believe (3) ques41
that people who died is stil on earth, and cn contact us, . ?

go do you? (0) ques41
that the bible is true or wt? Im new hope you not mind. . .

go IM A ATHIEST (1) gary1964
yes i dont believe in your god if there was why would let ppl die of starvation and thirst in third world countries why doesnt he stop wars where was he when jews were being killed in german concentr...

go does t work? (2) kuchyk
My relatnship don always go well n am thnkin of using a spell 2get a gal.does it work.if i do, is thea any -ve effect?

go Love spell ? (0) boytoyxx
Can any1 tel me a gud 1 and do they realy work ? Thankyou